Planetside 2 Graphics on the PS4 equivalent to Ultra PC


Planetside 2 Graphics on the Playstation 4 are equivalent to graphics a gamer would normally only see on “Ultra” settings on a PC. For a long time console gamers and PC gamers have had their differences, and the one thing that PC gamers could say (while frequently paying much much more for their gaming PC) is that PC gamersĀ  had the best graphics… That is no longer a rule of thumb.

For the first time ever Playstation is beginning to really close the gap between the graphics quality between PC and console games.

Planetside 2 will feature graphics that were impossible to achieve on the PS3… and are still impossible to achieve on the Xbox One. Take a look below to get a glance at the PS4 capabilities.

With more and more PC games are making their way to also being PS4 games a lot of gamers had been worried about what the graphics would look like, and if the PS4 could really stand up against PC games… many of those gamers are being pleasantly surprised. At least for the players of Planetside 2 it is clear that the new Playstation console measures us just fine.

I personally play on PC’s as well as on consoles and I have always recognized the strengths and weaknesses of both, but this may just be a game changer for the Playstation console… something that can bring the intense graphics from PC gaming finally into the console arena.

This is good news for all console gamers!



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