Odd Graphical Glitch Being Reported from PS4 Gamers

Odd Graphical Glitch Being Reported from PS4 Gamers

We reported a while back about the PlayStation 4 error that affected some users, which was Error CE-34878-0, we have no word yet of what is causing that problem, and now it seems that another problem has surfaced, but this one will be on a more graphical nature.

Gamers are reporting an error that when it occurs, it cuts off the audio, stops the controller from working and it leaves a terrible graphical error all over the screen. The Official PlayStation forums is full of complaints of the issue, some people are saying it is accompanied by the CE-34878-0 error, so it is possible that it is a hardware error on the console.

These issues are problem random problem but they seem to be affecting Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed IV. Looking at these two games it points to the error being a GPU issue. It could also be an overheating issue which is also possible with all the hardware that the PS4 has packed into its small case.

Resetting the system, switching the HDMI cables and doing a system restore don’t seem to help. If you are affected by either of these issues the only solution seems to be sending your unit back, which is different for most people so I’ll leave you to figure out how to do this exactly on your own. You can head over to PlayStation.com and check the service and repair section.



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