NVidia May Be Releasing the new Shield Portable in June

nvidia shield

Nvidia claims that the hardware department has been developing a portable gaming device known as Shield that would be released before Sony’s next-generation game console PS4. Pre-orders have already kicked-off.

According to reports, the portable console could be released in June. The Shield would run on the powerful Tegra 4 and it would enable gamers to enjoy Android games from anywhere, even on their home TV. Additionally, it could also display games from Steam, the extremely popular PC outlet on, on television.

As a gamer, you would be able to buy any Android game via Nvidia’s Tegrazone site. You would also be able to watch your favorite movie and enjoy popular music. It would be released before the launch of the PS4, and it would be worth seeing how gamers would respond to it.

nvidia shieldThe release of the Nvidia Shield would establish that PC gamers would eventually have a dedicated handheld system. The unique thing about the device is that the maker is concerned more about what is inside than how it looks. It is claimed to be fitted with a 72-core GeForce card and a quad-core Tegra 4 CPU.

When tested on Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, it was realized how important it was to have dual sticks and triggers for adding a real gaming experience in handheld. Those who tested the prototypes claim that the controls are a little tight, but when they focused on the PC monitor, they felt enjoying the best of both worlds –high-quality PC graphics and basic console controls. Nvidia is also planning to bring the feature of streaming PC games wirelessly to HDTVs.

When connected to PC, the overall experience demonstrated zero latency. Getting the opportunity to bridge your PC and TV with the Nvidia Shield can prove to be an amazing feature. The console has a 5” display with a resolution of 720 pixels and 294-ppipixel density.

nvidiashield-backThe handheld seems to be ideal for Android games because they don’t need gaming PCs and could be played locally. With all these features, it is worth considering how much the console would cost. While Nvidia hasn’t revealed anything about the price of the console, it is expected that it is going to be priced at a relatively higher spot.

Whether it would give a tough fight to the PS4 is an entirely different thing, considering that the Sony’s console falls in an entirely different console category. One of the notable features in the new PlayStation is its controller, DualShock 4 and its light bar colors –blue, red, green and pink – one color for each player. The controller has an analog touch pad with 1920×900 pixel resolution.

The Nvidia Shield has a console grade controller that offers ultimate control and precision. It has 802.11n 2×2 MIMO game-speed wi-fi offering extremely fast wireless and band width for flawless game streaming. It is claimed to have 16 GB memory, Android Jelly Bean OS, and 3 Axis Gyro and Accelerometer motion sensors. With just a month to launch, gamers wouldn’t have to wait long to get their hands on the new console.


  1. NVidia plans to release it’s new “Shield” portable device in June, ahead of PS4 and XBox One. Are you interested in a device that attaches to your smart phone for game play?


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