New PlayStation 4 Concept Design


We’ve been providing you with fan-crafted PlayStation 4 concepts for a long time now. Recently, a new concept hit the market, but this one is a little different: the creator, Joseph Dumary, also says what specs it should have and the capabilities.

Dumary’s PS4 has a brand-new feature: ECO Restart. Basically, the console uses a rechargeable battery to stay in a power-friendly mode after turned off, making it easier on the console when it is turned back on for play later.

This PS4 will also be made of 60% recycled materials, with magnesium alloy and carbon, making the overall console weight considerably light.
We’ve talked before about how Sony should incorporate and integrate the PS Vita and Sony S1 and S2 Tablets into the console, and that’s what Dumary did. You can use either as a remote control, a way to browse the web, or play games from a distance, knocking the Wii U controller out of the water.

The PS4 would have a 1.5TB harddrive, Blu-Ray and 3D support, USB 3.0, Sync, Cloud, and so much more. Even cooler? The PS4 controller would have a light sensor and an adjustment option for the analog stick, incase it’s too loose or too tight for the player’s gameplay.

The model is sleek, futuristic but not crazy looking, and fits the current models of PlayStation that we adore. What do you think? (Click on the images below if you want to see a larger view.)

Now that we’re amped for the PlayStation 4, we’re going to have to entertain ourselves with something until it releases. Check out the PlayStation Vita Trailer to see one of your options.

PS4 Design PS4 Design PS4 Design
PS4 Design PS4 Design


  1. I think that it should be able to pick up internet the way cell phones do so that u can play online wireless anywhere on a 4g or maybe 5g network

  2. 3 things i think should b important in the new console, 1 is a new controler design, something more ergonomic and not so traditional. new era new styles!.
    2 i beleive that the wireless network was a bit slow or sluggish perhaps and could b a bit better.

    3 and the most coolest thing i have is it should have a face long full coloured screen so u can customize ur face of the console, add pictures see dvd/bluray play times, friends that come online, network activity. ad some new age style to the body!

    well thats my 3 great thoughts 😛

  3. when they do come out with ps4 it will be damn expensive, just to tell u. with the economy as it is it will be rediculous but im still going to get one mabey a year or so later on black friday when they’re dirt cheap compared to what they would be normally. and for consept i think yes they should come up with a new design but not to different cause dual shock 3 was great easy to use and wasnt a bad fitting thing like 360 controler or wii. yes they sould have a more energie efficient system that would be good. and have the most the most advanced graphics chips in it ever way better than gaming pc and alot a ton of ram and yes like 5g connection that would be cool. keep the free psn account that was good microsoft screwed alot of people over by making thenm pay $60 a mounth that more than internt service and you have to pay for that to. make something crazy sweet for ps4 like make it a wifi hot spot or something that would be cool. tell me your ideas.

  4. I think sony should work more on the design.
    1. It is verry slim. accidents do happen.
    2. The ps3 looked awsome (the phat version)
    3. They should make a more robust design. small components = lots of problems.
    overheating should be a big problem.

    i am a gamer and i would want a machine where you cam upgrade the internal memory. (making more room for games). i seriously doubt that sony will have a better hardware in a more compact design. performance = space.

  5. just a few questions:
    will psn store have the same credit balance that had been entered before?
    will you be able to play ps3 games on ps4?
    will there be a stronger antenna that gives a better signal?’

    thank you.

  6. hi, I think that the new playststion should be a compatlable with ps1,ps2&ps3 playback I’m you u should able to play them all on one system whatever you do I would like to see it

  7. This has to do with the UI (user interface), more so than the system itself…
    The UI needs a huge makeover! I hate how many different sub-menus (or whatever) they have, and it doesn’t seem playful at all! It’s so… not interesting to look at. I hate to say it, but XBOX’s UI is sooo much more user-friendly.

    I also agree that the controller needs to be changed, too. It’s too edgy (not in a good way, like it literally has too many edges).


  8. @ J.Dupuls

    I can answer some of your question regarding the Playstation 4.

    1. You will be able to transfers accounts from your PS3 system t your PS4 system.
    2. of course you will be able to play PS3 games on your PS4.
    3. I’m not 100% sure on the antenna situation, so this is speculation, but I know that the PS3 slim had a better antenna then the fat PS3. So I would say yes it will, Plus the PS4 will offer much faster wireless speed’s then the PS3 did.

    I hope I have been of some help.

  9. well the ps3 is something that the world or gamers are ready to grow out of. i think that many things can still be done with the ps3 specially if it had more ram to support it. the ps3 had amazing specs but was limited because of the ram it was given. i think that with the ps4 if they can make it affordable, have at least 4GB or 6GB of main board ram for the Cell Broadband Engine 2 the SPE’s from the cell broadband engine can be upgraded and added on too if developers are willing to put the work in. and a new version of the RSX graphics card supported with at least 2GB of video ram.and the PS$ should be at least expected to double the life cycle of the PS3. the Ps3 to me still has another life span of at least 7 years. i personally do not wanna see PS4 for another 5-6 years. unless the next xbox, and wii 2 put the ps3 to shame. which i dont think they can. specially with the new feature coming out for the vita and the ps3. sony has the fan base, and i think they need to expand on the ps3 and show its full potential until its mastered just like the PS2. the ps3 can obviously handle a lot more than what it has to offer already as we see new content on a weekly basis. right now all the PS4 can bring honestly is more RAM to build games, and updated graphics we have yet seen. so its simply not needed yet for this time being.

  10. The new ps4 should be able to play music content during game play for every game for the console with no troubles.


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