Lego Marvel Super Heroes – A Good Way to Entertain Kids


While playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes on my new PlayStation 4 Next Generation Console for a few hours, something occurred to me about the game play – this game is meant to keep a child occupied!

The graphics are very nice, particularly since everything is a “toy” or made of Legos, and there is sunlight and shininess to all of the characters. The storyline is a bit silly but entertaining – definitely something a child would enjoy.

But the real key thing that stands out is that a child could play this game for hours on end, staying out of his or her parents’ hair, and be completely entertained! Why is this? Each section of the game contains a puzzle. If you want to move from one section to the next, you need to solve the puzzle. In order to solve that puzzle, you must destroy, bash, smash, and break to bits EVERY item possible in each level!

LegoMarvelSuperHeroesPS4 (1)As you break items apart, some of them can be reassembled into useful tools, and the game is very good at instructing the user on which buttons to push in order to make the next “step” happen. The game also gives hints and tips on what needs to be done in order to progress to the next level, so it should keep a child from becoming too “stuck” in a level.

In Lego Marvel Super Heroes, the user has multiple players that he or she switches through as their special skills become useful. Spiderman is needed for climbing specific walls, pulling on handles, and swinging through the air. Mr. Fantastic is needed for gliding over gaps, transforming into useful items, sliding through grates, his intelligence, and also to pull on handles. Hulk is needed for lifting items to throw, pulling things out of the ground, and generally just causing mayhem and destruction. Iron Man is needed for his Missiles, his electric skills, and so on. Every character has special skills that help to progress the game.

Either way, this is a great game to get your kid for Christmas this year, particularly if he/she already enjoys the Lego franchise. It is entertaining, fun, and requires focus. It helps to work on problem-solving skills, and develops critical thinking in the user. For an adult, it’s a little dictatorish, but it can also be a fun way to pass the time!

LegoMarvelSuperHeroesPS4 (4)

LegoMarvelSuperHeroesPS4 (2)

Console Played On: PlayStation 4
Game Rating: E10+ for Everyone 10 and up
Date Released: November 15, 2013
Reviewer’s Rating: 7.0 (out of 10)

Published by: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: TT Games


  1. I like how you can break stuff apart and put it into a useful item.
    I like games with items though that are different per item.


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