Last Minute Playstation 4 Deals


It has come to our attention that many gamers out there are still trying to get their hands on a Playstation 4 console… and that is a tough place to be in as many of the gaming consoles have already been sold… and only a few more are likely to still be release before the holiday season. The most obvious success went to those that were able to pre order the Playstation 4 in advance, preferably through Amazon. But lets not spend too much time on what should have been done, and lets look at what are the current options now.

We have found the most effective methods for finding that last minute Playstation 4… here they are!

1) Ebay

While more expensive then they were at the store or during a pre-order this is one of the only ways you can guarantee that you will get your console before the holiday season.

2) Amazon

There are several consoles available each day on Amazon, however many of them are priced between 600 and 800 dollars. This is the second guaranteed methods of getting a Playstation 4.

3) In person purchase

There are a few stores that will still be releasing some PS4 consoles. Now it is nearly impossible to keeep track of what stores will have what consoles in inventory so we suggest that you take advantage of one or more of the available alert sites. These sites keep track of what consoles are available and where. You can also get alerts sent to your phone or email alerting you of available consoles.


4) Try to call your local stores and or check in on twitter to see where others are looking and who has had success. If you are going to get a PS4 this holiday season it is incredibly likely you will have to hunt for it.

From all of us at Sonyps4.comGood luck, and we hope you have a great holiday season.



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