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KontrolFreek is one of the leading creator of performance gaming and controller accessories. We have been preparing a review of their Playstation 4 additions as well as some of their older controllers and are finally ready to share all of the individual reviews. But before we do we wanted to share with our readers a 10% off discount code for ANYTHING from KontrolFreek.com

When we contacted KontrolFreek to let them know we would be reviewing their accessories and controllers they wanted us to share a 10% discount promo code with all of our readers, which to be honest we thought was pretty awesome, so be sure to take advantage of it!

All of the Playstation 4 gamers out there will be happy to know that KontrolFreek has had accessories available for the PS4 since before the first of the new year… and are certain to have what you need to optimize your game.

Discount promo code for 10% off anything: kfpromo13

Now onto the reviews, these are all submitted by readers or staff of SonyPS4.com:

Rayn – I loved it! I would not play in a tournament without these. There really is no way to compare it to the normal controller. I am far more effective when sniping and can be a much more aggressive and effective player.

Nathan – Really good buy, increased the sensitivity a lot as well as the precision. I would highly recommend.

Jack – Worth every penny. I do not usually use modified controllers and this was the first time I have tried KontrolFreek. I was surprised by the solid grip on the thumb sticks. I can certainly see how with the increased sensitivity that my FPS gaming skills could easily reach new levels. The controllers took a few moments to get used to but were overall amazing.

Cain – Amazing controllers, if you have not tried them you are missing out. Just get one and you will see.

Jacob – Nothing quite like it. I had to install the mods for the office and can tell you installation could not be easier. Helps your play way more than you would think. I experienced increased reaction time, which is something I did not expect. I plan on buying my own for home, this was the first time I had used a modified controller, and KontrolFreek’s was awesome.

Kallie – Love the feel of them. Have used them for years. A must for anyone who plays FPS.




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