Knack on PlayStation 4 Screenshots


At the February 20th, 2013 news media event held by Sony, a new game Knack was introduced and shown off.

Knack has been in development for a while but was officially announced by Mark Cerny, the game designer who is directing the creation of this game. Knack is a character in the game who is a cute and small robot- at the  start!

As Knack progresses through the game, he gains skills that allow him to incorporate other substances into himself, such as ice, metal, and other substances. These give him new abilities and allow him to grow to enormous sizes.

For all of those “Unreal” fans, it appears that Knack will be using the Unreal Engine 4 to grow into larger versions of himself using various building blocks. The art style is cartoon and futuristic. It is definitely reminiscent of the Ratchet and Clank or Jack and Daxter games. Despite the cartoon-y style, this game looks like it will also be a lot of fun too!

One of my favorite lines from the trailer shown at the news media event was when a goblin asks Knack, “Knack, you’re no human, why do you work for them?” – which reminds us that Knack is a robot but he is also defending the entire human race!

The new PlayStation 4 console will allow you to be even more interactive with this game – allowing you to quickly take video clips from your game play and share with your friends, or spectate your friends playing the game.

View the trailer for Knack:

View some screenshots for Knack:



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