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The introduction of Knack for PlayStation 4 was greeted with much ovation and the other extreme in the PlayStation 2013 meeting in New York. The team was making effort to capitalize on the PlayStation support platform, from the graphics capabilities to physics simulation required to manipulate the great game hero.

The man behind the team said that he has been involved in a number of character-based titles such as Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter; Ratchet and Clank and that Knack was a strategy to focus on essential fun behind action/platform gameplay. Without doubt, I believe, as said by the spokesperson that Knack is hoped to entice those who played classic games back in the days and as well as become a package to entice fans of the genre.

knack_screenshots (1)Have you watched the trailer? You need to take a look in case you haven’t because most gamers are wondering what the game is entirely. Let me give you a peep into the Knack game. It came this way: A Doctor studied ancient relics from a long abandoned age for a couple of years. In the end, he found a way to assemble them and inject consciousness into them. The result of this is Knack, a creature with a strange power and as the creature moves, it could incorporate more relics into its body, thus making it possible for it to transform from a short creature to a huge ruining machine.

As the game progresses, Knack found out that it has a skill which allows it to integrate ice, metal and other weaponry into its body, enabling it with greater abilities from one level to another. The effect is gameplay having a semblance of Crash Bandicoot and Katamri Damcy. Another thing that made Knack a game to reckon with, in my opinion, is that it has an epic sensibility with something that appears to be sensual incorporation of God of War.

knack_screenshots (1)The baseline of the game is that human race is in danger owing to the existence and resurgence of tiny supernatural armies of which Knack comes to protect; up to the time it became obvious that the community of human race is even more dangerous.

It is exciting to know that Knack is contributing to the growth of the gaming industry. At the moment, the team is knee-deep in work developing the game for the PlayStation 4. As to more information on Knack and how it’s played, we look forward to the developers for news and updates.

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