Kingdom Hearts III for PlayStation 4


Sony came out with a big news at the recent E3 press release, revealing that Kingdom Hearts III is being developed for their next-generation game console PlayStation 4. The importance of this announcement could be judged from the fact that the previous installment of the game was released exclusively on PlayStation 2.

Sora continues to be the protagonist in Kingdom Hearts III. Other returning characters include Riku, Goofy, Donald Duck and King Mickey. In addition, there are many well-known Disney characters in the game. Disney recently acquired Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm. This means that the game is going to have many new characters and locations in this action RPG.

It continues from Dream Drop Distance where Donald, Goofy and Sora would be searching for the Key to Return Hearts and 7 guardians of light. On the other hand, Riku and King Mickey would be searching for the Keyblade wielders from the previous installment. This would be an attempt for stopping Master Xehanort from his goal to balance darkness and light. The variety of properties held by Disney would determine the worlds featured in Kingdom Hearts III. According to reports, this is going to be the closing chapter in the Dark Seeker tale.

Sony has relied more on AMD to develop its powerful new console. The new console is based on a single-chip special processor that uses 8×86-64 Jaguar cores. The powerful graphics engine is an AMD Radeon system. All this indicates that PlayStation 4 is PC-based system. This is extremely helpful for developers who are working to develop games for the next generation consoles and PCs.

kingdom_hearts_iii_screenshot1The PlayStation 4 has lesser redundancies compared to a PC. This means that the console is going to offer extremely high efficiency on the power wattage it draws. The games that have already been shown on the PS4 have been found to be almost unmatchable so far.

The GPU developed by AMD is considered as an improved PC graphics card. It is based on Radeon 7850 card and has 18 GCN units. For the gamers, this may be a little difficult to understand. However, in simple terms, it means that the GPU has 18 processing units with each one having 64 cores. This is going to provide an unmatched amount of processing power to play the most demanding games, including Kingdom Hearts III.

kingdom_hearts_iii_screenshotThe PS4 GPU has a processing speed of more than 1.84 TFLOPS. In fact, this is more powerful than its Jaguar processor. Developers would be able to take advantage of this GPU’s computing power for general computation in addition to developing better-looking games.

The PlayStation 4 would have 8GB GDDR5 RAM. It is again a sign that Sony is offering almost a super-fast PC based system to its fans and it could help achieve extremely fast performance.

While playing Kingdom Hearts III on PlayStation 4, gamers would be able to power down the system in the middle of the game and return right back to where they left. Gamers would have to wait for the Holiday Season before they could enjoy own the PS4 and start playing Kingdom Hearts III.

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  1. A game I am looking forward to is Kingdom Hearts III on PlayStation… I haven’t played Kingdom Hearts since the PS2, so this should be fun! Are you looking forward to Kingdom Hearts III?


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