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killzone-shadow-fall-iconEver since showing the glimpse of the Killzone: Shadow Fall for PlayStation 4, there has been frequent use of such words as Fantastic, I can’t wait and amazing, to express the kind of awe that gripped gamers. I think I agree because as soon as I saw the Guerrilla Games logo, I immediately knew the game would be a big hit. It blew my mind as a gamer, at least the graphics was awesome, and jaws of most of my Xbox close mates dropped especially with the PS4 console.

The promise of the Team head of Killzone: Shadow Fall for PlayStation 4 was true with his statement that he hoped gamers would love what they created as he showed the glimpse of the game. The glimpse of Killzone: Shadow Fall shown at the PlayStation meeting was truly a show of a new world and a noble hero.

killzone_shadow_falls_screenshots (17)The Killzone: Shadow Fall was set in a near future, 30 years after the events of killzone 3. The game is all about opposing forces or more like battle for supremacy. In the world of the game, there exist two rival factions recognized as the Helghast and the Vektan who live side by side in a city located in the future with a huge wall dividing them.

The atmosphere was tensed owing to cold war which rivaling spirit brewed and time for war was ripe. As the ball of chaos was about to explode, there you stand as the Shadow Marshal tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the delicate balance that exist in the heat of the two rival groups.

No matter the air: the strange attacks, infiltrations and varying intensity of battle, you are required to cudgel out and adapt and devise a means to maintain equilibrium since any step you take, in the tensed atmosphere, could lead to the destruction of the world.

killzone_shadow_falls_screenshots (7)It is important to make it clear here that the trailer’s narrator of the Shadow Fall story is a Helghast who plainly refers to his race’s victimhood despite the portrayal of his race as the bad guy at least, it is obvious that they are masked, have threatening eyes with visual symbols like the Third Reich’s.

The Helghast are hardly blameless; yet the Vektan lineage was forced out of their planet to avoid decimation. The entire story of killzone: Shadow Fall is a total acknowledgement of ISA moral shortcomings and the social tension which pushed the Helghast to the breaking point.

As commented by the team head, I look forward, like gamers and fans of Killzone originators, to enjoy exciting events the developers will packaged.

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