Kill Zone: Shadow Fall Trailers


The sixth game of the Killzone series is finally coming – Killzone: Shadow Fall, produced by Guerilla Games for the new PlayStation 4 next-generation console!

The story in Killzone: Shadow Falls is on the Helghast home planet where Helghan has been left in ruins in the midst of a long, horrendous war.

The events in this newest entry is set 30 years after the events from Killzone 3.

In this game, the Vektan and Helghast factors live in a divided city and the Helghast are fighting for their right to exist while the Vektans are fighting to survive.

This new game was announced at the PlayStation Meeting on February 20, 2013 and is going to be a launch title with the brand new PlayStation 4 console.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Gameplay Trailer:


  1. The Only reason why I bought the PSP is for Killzone Liberation. The only reason why I bought the PS3 was for Killzone 2&3. The only reason why I bought the Vita is for Killzone Mercenary, and finally the only reason why I’m buying the PS4 is for Shadow Fall. So Sony… Why don’t you promote Killzone as much as you do?? I turned xbox boys onto PS3 beacause of Killzone. Guerrilla Games has the BEST graphics by far! As a fan of Sony that I am now, I would appreciate that you would push and promote Killzone as much as microsost promotes Halo.


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