Just Dance 2014 for PlayStation 4


Just Dance 2014 is the sequel to the best selling dance game in the world, Just Dance 4. The game comes to the new PlayStation 4 with many new ground breaking features. There are many motion control platforms and dozens of latest and most popular tracks.

Just Dance 2014 gives you a chance to dance to the latest pop hits or enjoy famous classics. You can take the level of fun to an entirely new level by dancing with almost anyone from any part of the world. It is possible to dance with the top backup dancers or create your own custom experiences.

The World Dance Floor lets you dance with other players from different parts of the world. This is the first multiplayer mode in the Just Dance series. You can join a virtual group consisting of your friends or other fans of the game and play with them based on the theme. There are a number of social aspects to this new feature. It is possible to track your standing on the global leader boards, check community updates and get all the statistics about other players.

The new On Stage model allows you to dance, sing or lead a couple of backup dancers. You can engage in serious dancing or have some fun with your friends. The Custom Sweat mode enables you to create custom Just Sweat sessions consisting of your favorite playlists. This mode also enables you to track your calories. In addition, it is also possible to track calories in all the game play modes beyond the Just Sweat mode.

just_dance_2014_screenshotJust Dance 2014 for PS4 comes with more dances for each track. There is more variety to attract more gamers. It is possible to explore alternate choreography over all modes such as Just Sweat, Mash-Up, Battle and Extreme.

The new game has more modes and more features, and the next-gen console PlayStation 4 is powerful enough to enable all these features. Sony’s objective behind the new console is to tie together their hardware so that consumers can continue their games and movies on the same device after starting on another one.

The powerful PS4 is Sony’s first console in 7 years, which has been priced lower than Microsoft’s console. It offers fresh titles, original content and the most powerful hardware specs to dominate the video game market.

just_dance_2014_screenshot1According to reports, PlayStation 4 is going to cost 20% lesser than Microsoft Xbox One. The console doesn’t lay any restrictions on used-game sales. At the same time, gamers can continue playing without the need for an internet connection. According to experts, the PlayStation 4 has many features that give it an edge over Xbox One. It is a more powerful console at a lower price.

At the same time, the PS4 is Sony’s effort to extend its audience beyond gamers. This includes adding films, TV shows and music, with some of the content being exclusive. However, the challenge here is to get consumers who are otherwise playing games on smart devices.

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