Intriguing Storyline in Contrast on PS4 Game Review


Over the past weekend, I spent some time playing Contrast on my brand new PlayStation 4 console. Contrast is the “Game of the Month,” featured for free on the PlayStation Network, and it was an excellent game to try out my console!

ContrastScreenshot1The storyline feels a bit creepy – dark, ominous, smoky. It follows the story of a little girl named Didi whose family is dealing with a difficult situation but are trying to make things work together.

Didi has a friend who no one else can see – Dawn. Dawn follows Didi around the spooky world and helps her get to places she cannot reach on her own. How does she do this? Dawn can pass into a shadow form and walk on walls, through windows, and over gaps using her shadow transformation skills.

As the character Dawn follows Didi through the world, she solves puzzles for Didi and helps Didi fix things for her family to protect her family from some very aggressive “loan sharks.” ContrastScreenshotIn addition, Dawn collects little bits and pieces of things that help you put together an even bigger puzzle – who is Dawn, why can she pass into shadow form, and why does the world look like a torn, muddled mess?

Some of the puzzles are difficult, but they are all capable of being solved, as long as you use Dawn’s skills, use proper timing, and look for all the clues. And the solution to the puzzle of Dawn is very intriguing… It is never laid out in the open for the player, but simply hinted at and suggested, so you will have to figure it out for yourself.

ContrastScreenshot3I really enjoyed the game and plan to do some of my own fan art based on some of the scenes within the game, as they were intensely dark and salaciously intriguing. I wish the game was longer – I would still be playing it if there was more to the game than I completed!!


Console Played On: PlayStation 4
Date Released: November 15, 2013
Reviewer’s Rating: 9.5 (out of 10)

Published by: Focus Home Interactive
Developed by: Compulsion Games
Engine: Unreal Engine 3




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