Infamous: Second Son has Gone Gold


A piece of news that many PlayStation fans were waiting for is finally here, the PlayStation 4 Exclusive game, InFamous: Second Son, has officially gone gold, this was confirmed by the developer of the game, Sucker Punch.
Sucker Punch made this announcement via Twitter they kept the announcement short and sweet, they said that the highly anticipated game on the PS4 has gone gold and that is was a big day in the developer’s Bellevue-based offices.
An employee from Sucker Punch, Jason Connell had this to say when asked about dynamic lighting in the game: “reflective streets, nice haze and gorgeous cut scenes” are what took the precedence in his area of development.


InFamous: Second Son looks like it is going to be a heavy hitter on the PS4 when it comes to the console on March 21st, we will keep you up to date with any news about the PS4 exclusive.



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