Indepth Look into The Witness for Playstation 4


the-winess-iconThe thoughtful indie designer, Jonathan Blow must have blown gamers and fans away with the game his team spent three and half years to build when he mounted the stage to reveal his adventure puzzler, the Witness for PlayStation 4 console.

He said: “It is the best game that we know how to make, and we look forward to delivering these experiences to you on your upcoming PlayStation 4 console.” An idiosyncratic game set in uninhabited island; a game of exploration featuring sequence of increasing complex mazes, the Witness is a timed exclusive game for Sony’s new console and bolstering of the company’s experimental prowess.

the-witness-screenshot (25)I, like most gamers agree that the Witness is an open-world game on PlayStation 4; that state of the art outshines anything I have enjoyed game-wise before. On that fateful day, early part of this year when Sony Entertainment converged New York, I saw the small independent development team, Thekla, Inc., which is situated in San Francisco, California, mounted the stage to lay bare the game—The Witness, which explores puzzle-solution in a mysterious island setting. The Witness is utterly epiphanic.

One beautiful thing I like about the Witness is that its pattern of puzzle is such that makes the game both a puzzle and a surprise. This game is solution-based because if you are stuck, you are stuck because you simply wanted to get stuck. You can always look up the solution. Thus, it surpasses most linear puzzle games with no clear solutions.

the-witness-screenshot (21)With the Witness, you can tweak it to both extremes: you can make the puzzle both as difficult and as subtle as your gaming need demands. Therefore, puzzles in the Witness are hard and in another way, could be easy. Importantly, the puzzles are exciting because they contain useful info parceled into it. There is much clarity according to the team so you can work through lots of puzzles while at the same time experience dense flow of ideas.

Contrary to setting of most open-world games with its broadness, the setting of the Witness is on a dense island making it possible for you to run across a whole island within a minute and ten seconds. Note also that there are up to 25 hours of unique puzzle gameplay without filler and repetition.

The witness is designed in such a way to enable you make smooth path changes whenever you desire that and move to elsewhere. With a twenty seconds walk, there are close to three to four different places you go.


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