Indepth Look into Deep Down for Playstation 4 Gameplay and Screenshots


Expectation was high when it was time for Capcom to mount the stage at the Sony’s PlayStation 4 press conference held in New York and show to the world what it has for PlayStation 4 fans and gamers. Most folks were anticipating a new version of Street Fighter, much-vaunted come-back of Dark stalkers, or even Cyberbots.

But all hope was defeated when Yoshinori Ono of Capcom presented to the gaming world a different package—the Panta Rhei engine—a new graphics engine, a novel technology developed together with Deep Down as a noble intellectual asset.

deep_down_screenshots (6)Trust me; it was not a betrayal of expectation when Capcom and Square Enix show the tech demos of imaginary adventures with great dragon-like beasts.  Rather, it was an exciting show with its reinforced primitive knights roaring and clashing with remarkable light effects.

With Deep Down the developers are matching shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Dragon’s Dogma and expectant Remember Me since it’s the newest in Capcom’s lineup of IPs. I have no issue with Deep Down especially with its peculiar semblance with a third-person action-packed game. There is no doubt that when one looks at the two, one would find similar pseudo old-fashion appeal—several fire-breathing villain, and peculiar sorcery and analogous word-blend.

deep_down_screenshots (3)The trailer with its glimpse of PlayStation 4’s novel social features incorporating in-game message system for soliciting aid in difficult moments may be the right track that may stand Capcom out. I do not completely share the opinion that Deep Down is an underestimation of Dragon’s Dogma or even Namco hit Dark Souls. Let’s see how gamers’ appetite of enjoying massacring dragons will be appeased.

Just as the case with most games, hold on before you begin itching to lay your hands on Deep Down, the actual date for release of this game is not yet made public. We have to become partners in anticipation and look forward to the release. But, surely we will bring every update and keep your glued to your system while surfing for gaming latest news.

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  1. Well, I have played Xbox for many many years… I started on playstation 1 but with the release of Halo 2 I switched to xbox, The only games I play now are The lost planet series, Dragons Dogma and of course dark souls. Although Dark Souls is my fave game and its not exactly a Capcom game. I can say without a shadow of doubt. I love Capcom more than Bungie. This game coupled with Microsoft’s many betrayals has me coming back to my roots. The Playstation, and this time, I’m here to stay. Thank you Sony for putting gamers first and Football somewhere else. And thank you Capcom for the beautiful and truly wonderful experiences.


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