Hulk Stuck on Lego Marvel Super Heroes


Earlier today, I was playing the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game and we had two major issues. For one – the introduction video is too long!! And there is no way to skip it! Horrible choice.

I really wanted to skip it… particularly since I had to view it twice because of the other issue…

Hulk got Stuck!!!!

Take a look. In the bottom two images, you can see that there is a clear problem. During the “assembly” of the Lego blocks so that Hulk could pick up the giant diesel vehicle, Hulk/Bruce Banner became trapped behind the pieces and against the truck!

The first picture (taken with the “Share” option on the PlayStation 4 Controller) shows Bruce Banner stuck behind the assembled hand holds. The second picture (taken with my cell phone camera) shows Hulk stuck in the exact same place (we had to piss him off to get that picture!). The only way to fix the issue was to restart the game… and watch that damn introduction video all over again!





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