How to fix my Sony PS4 Brick after freeze


Many gamers received Sony PS4 units that were described as bricked on delivery. All the unit would do is show the blue pulsating light when turned on. Sony’s support couldn’t offer much in the way of help for alot of frustrated gamers so we decided to build an article with some resources to help.

This is not an official guide so if it doesn’t work for you then please keep looking for a solution and post back to us if we can improve ours.

So if your PS4 wont show a picture but the blue light pulses, it tries to load data from the HDD but it wont load into the OS.

Another problem? You cant load into Safe Mode with this corrupted OS data…


1. You have to unplug your HDD
2. Boot the Console without HDD and it will load Safe Mode (white lightbar) and asks for a HDD
3. Turn off, plug in the HDD again and boot the Console again
4. PS4 will boot into Safe Mode again and you can recover now the necessary OS Data, PS4 will start again and will boot into OS again.

No HDMI fault like some people said.


Another thing you can do on top of that is to format the Harddrive and reinstall the firmware.

The guy on twitch got freezes again when he tried to download DCUO, something is broken either with the Download or his HDD. So this fix here will bring you back a picture, but it wont prevent from a defective HDD.

EDIT2: This is probably only a 1 time fix.

EDIT3: Check your HDMI Signal

EDIT4: No Signal Fix

There is a HDMI port fault but it can be fixed too.

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