Guide: How to Share PS4 Screenshot without Spamming your Friends


Sony built the PlayStation 4 with sharing in mind. They even built in a “share” button to the PS4 controller. At the moment though, it can be difficult to access your shared stuff without spamming your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

YouTube integration for videos has yet to be added, Sony says it’s coming soon but for now, there is only Facebook video. The PlayStation Vita handheld is capable of taking screen shots.

The PS4’s screenshot tool isn’t complete yet. At the moment the only way to share your screen shot is to upload it to Facebook or Twitter. Sony is said to have plans to expand this, making it available to share screenshots on your local network where you can directly access them or sync them with your computer.

A lot of people have been fearing sharing on Facebook and Twitter because they are afraid of spamming their friends, but fortunately Twitter allows for a decent workaround.

Here is the trick: Create a dummy Twitter account. Make it a private account. With your actual twitter account, follow it. Then login to the dummy account on your PS4 here: Settings>PSN>Link with other services>Twitter.

How to link Twitter on PS4 to avoid spam

You can also set your Share button to immediately take a screen shot. By doing the following: Holding down the Share button to enter the Share menu, pressing options and setting the Share button control type to Easy Screenshots.

One you’ve done the steps above you can easily take screenshots and automatically post them on twitter by pressing the share button, then you can look through your dummy account with your real once and keep the pictures you really want to share.


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