Guacamelee Coming to PlayStation 4

Guacamelee Coming to PlayStation 4

We have heard reports that Drinkbox Studios is developing the hit indie game Guacamelee for the PlayStation 4. Designer Chris McGuinn mentioned in an article posted by IGN that the next gen editions would have new enemies, a new chicken bomb ability and two new worlds. He also promised that the graphics would be better on the next gen version of the game.

The article that was posted on IGN was removed shortly after being posted, the reason was probably that Drinkbox Studios or IGN decided to hold out the information until after the holidays when the press and gamers are more likely to take notice to it. McGuinn mentioned to Joystiq that Drinkbox is not ready to talk about its current projects but will definitely reach out to them when they are.

Gaming wise Guacamelee is a action combat game, which is set in a 2D world where you can reach new areas as you keep learning new abilities. Every victory in the game helps you platform more and more and reach higher level areas. Guacamelee was released on the PS3 system in April this year. If you’re interested in the older version of the game you can pick it up for $14.99 for the PS3 and it is 50% off on Steam until January 2nd as part of the Steam Holiday Store Deals.



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