GPU for Sony PlayStation 4 Rumored to be Superior to XBox 720


NVIDIA has revealed at the GDC 2013 that the PlayStation 4 GPU is superior to Xbox 720, at the same time claiming that they would outperform the latest-generation consoles. NVIDIA displayed a graph that tacked the performance of GPUs for consoles and PCs over time. the first Xbox was two times better than the GeForce 3 Series graphics card in terms of power. It was matched within a couple of years, but 5 years later, the Xbox 360 again gets ahead of the GeForce 7800 series. NVIDIA claims that its GTX Titan is far more powerful compared to the current-generation game consoles.

While the battle between the PC and console platform continues, the graph displayed the most important thing that when it comes to graphics performance,the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox 720. Some experts speculate that the Xbox 720 may have been placed below PS4 just because the NVIDIA team doesn’t know the precise specifications of Microsoft’s latest console. Another comparison in terms of performance is offered by Jon Peddie Research that claims that the next-gen Xbox would be a little casual in gaming performance in comparison to the PlayStation 4.

xbox720ps4The graph shows NVIDIA’s Titan to be 3 times more powerful than the PS4. The measurements in GPU Flops show that the PS4 is around 2,000 points ahead of the Xbox 720. That the information comes for NVIDIA, it is expected that they wouldn’t release this information if it were not genuine. This could mean that they know what GPU would come inside the Xbox 720.

NVIDIA’s Senior VP of Content and Technology, Tony Tamasi added some more information by speaking about the next generation of NVIDIA’s existing Tegra 4 processor. He said that the current generation of PlayStation and Xbox are only a little more powerful compared to mobile devices. The next generation of smartphones would simply put these game consoles behind. Experts are looking forward to what NVIDIA would be offering to gamers through its next-gen processor Tegra 5.

ps4gpuvsxboxgpuOn the other hand, Mark Rein, the VP of Epic Gameshas called the PS4 to be something like having the best PC on the planet. One reason for this claim could be that the PS4features an 8GB RAM, which is relatively higher than what most of the PCs on the market offer.

It would be worth watching how the PlayStation 4 performs in the market once it is launched in the Holiday season. According to the positive feedbacks received by the console from leading names in the industry, the signs indicate that it is going to turn the sales figures in Sony’s favor.

Microsoft is certainly watching all the developments and claims. The Xbox team would certainly be worried with the PlayStation 4, as it seems that Sony has delivered something that Microsoft would have difficulty in achieving with its Xbox 720. The PS4 is said to have an 8-core AMD processor, a Radeon GPU and as already mentioned, an 8GB GDDR5 RAM – features that would shy away even a PC.



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