No Girl Characters in the Free PS4 Exclusive Deep Down

No Girl Characters in the Free PS4 Exclusive Deep Down

Deep Down is one of the more interesting upcoming exclusive games for the PS4 and the game is looking better every minute. Hopefully you weren’t planning on using a female class in the game though, as a producer of the game Kazunori Sugiura has revealed in a promotional live stream for the game that the title won’t have the option for playable female characters.

It is quite odd that Capcom wouldn’t have the option with female playable characters as the game is from a genre synonymous with fully customizable protagonists. The developers of the game said that the decision came down to story elements of the game, maybe this will clear up once we get the full version of the game. Or maybe it is a plan of the company; maybe they plan on releasing a female characters sometime in the future for a small fee.

The promotional broadcast also revealed some interesting tidbits to us, the most notably being the “Casual” difficulty setting that was first seen at the Tokyo Game Show will not be in the full version of the game. Another great detail we saw is that the game will fully support PlayStation Vita remote play; so you can play the title while you’re on the go.




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