Game Developers Prefer the PlayStation 4 Over Xbox One

Game Developers Prefer the PlayStation 4 Over Xbox One

Game developers say they prefer to create games for Sony’s PlayStation 4 over Microsoft’s Xbox One, this is according to a survey of 2,600 different game developers which was done by the Game Developers Conference.

The survey which would made of developers who will be attending the conference sheds a bit of light on the thoughts of game developers, who have more choices than they ever had when it comes to developing games. The developers are the key to success for any platform, which ranges from Android phones to the new generation of consoles, since the games are the key drivers for any platform.

20% of game developers said they are developing their next game for the PlayStation 4 while only 17% said the same about the Xbox One, and the Nintendo Wii U came in at 4%. Just a year ago the new Wii U was already starting to flag, and these results have just about doomed the console. Nintendo has stated recently that the Wii U is suffering with weak sales.

The GDC 2014 will be going on from March 17th until March 21st at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.

In recent months Sony have made some gains, right now, 14% of developers are currently working on games for the PS4, 12% for the Xbox One, and 4% for the Wii U.

Simon Carless, the vice president of UBM Tech, had some comments on the matter: “The Wii U doesn’t seem to be going anywhere,” he said. “The PS4 has an advantage, but it is not decisive.”




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