Game Developer for Beyond: Two Souls plans to make a PlayStation 4 Game


The gaming industry is full of surprises and it is the most beneficial time for gamers around the world. The developer of Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream’s is working on a title for Sony’s next-gen console, the PlayStation 4. One can expect the unexpected with the creator David Cage, announcing the completion of the beta stage of the new game, and can soon expect an official date of launch.

If the game were to be launched specifically on PlayStation 3 then the acquirers of the next generation console, PlayStation 4 would have to look for backward compatibility options to enjoy this amazing game. But the latest news claims that they are working for a PS4 title.

The game is expected to provide backward compatibility and would possibly work the same way for the newer PlayStation 3 models. According to the developer, the perceptions of the game characters would take a drastic change once it is played on PlayStation 4. Sony’s most powerful gaming console yet is expected to bring about a change in perception about the behavior of the characters in the game.

Beyond: Two SoulsThe game is expected to minimize the gap between the gaming and realistic graphics. The difference of playing this game on the new generation console would have a striking difference. According to Quantic’s spokesperson, the interactive movie concept built in the new game can give a whole new perspective to gaming on the advanced new generation gaming console. The game is based on thinking beyond the current generation.

Quantic Dream has raised expectations of the game being launched on the PlayStation 4 with both the release dates being close to each other. It is also expected that they could also bring Beyond: Two Souls on the new platform. The supernatural adventure on PS4 is expected to fill the gaps created by the PS3 in the gaming arena. It is expected that Sony would rather share the impending epic game on PS4 to make its campaign more powerful.

With the new Quantic game and the futuristic console expected to hit the market almost the same time, it would be extremely beneficial for Sony to drive larger interests and stay ahead of the competition. Beyond: Two SoulsDavid Cage, in an interview explained that the game had been built using a toned down version thereby providing easy porting options for the developers for the next generation console. It would create a bigger impact if the futuristic gaming console is launched along with the new adventure sequences.

The CEO of Quantic Dream, Guillaume De Foundaumiere announced that the PS4 is more similar to a PC and suggested that the tests of the game on PS4 have started to show signs of big strides. It is expected that Beyond: Two Souls can also become a PS4 title and make things extremely exciting for gamers from around the world. Until next feed about the new PS4 title and more developments about the Playstation 4 console’s configurations or images, gamers would certainly wait eagerly to grab hold of the most powerful gaming device.



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