Funny Meme Comparing PlayStation 4 and XBox One Companies

XBox One versus PlayStation 4 - American Versus Japanese

Microsoft versus Sony this year at the E3 2013 is going to be the war of the consoles like we have never seen before!

Microsoft has been showcasing the XBox One console and Sony has been showcasing the PlayStation 4 console, and there are a lot of comparisons that can be made between the two very different approaches these companies took towards the new console.

For instance, Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is sleek, slender, innovative, with top of the line memory and all of the issues and problems of the PlayStation 3 addressed and corrected (including the problem with developing games – the new SDK is super easy!).

In comparison, Microsoft’s XBox One console is a big, heavy, and a bit clunky. It must have the Kinect attached at all times, must go online every 24 hours to validate and will be charging for used games…

Who is going to win in this console war?

XBox One versus PlayStation 4 - American Versus Japanese

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