Did Fixconn interns sabotage the PS4?


There are a couple of rumors out that Foxconn Interns may have sabotaged the Playstation 4, due to poor working conditions. There have been a number of forum posts by various people claiming to be Foxconn interns that have stated as much, and there may be reason to believe them.

Foxconn Shenzhen PlantFollow up reports here and here.

The rumors started with claims from early in October, when it was reported that the Foxconn educational program was forcing student interns to work over time assembling the Playstation 4, and those students who were unwilling to complete the overtime risked having their diplomas withheld.

Foxconn is one of the largest electronics manufactures in the world, creating products on behalf of Apple, Sony, Microsoft, and many other large corporations. Over the past couple of years Foxconn has garnered more and more attention due to their poor working conditions.

Many of the rumors all started with a forum post by user qbroid who posted onto the IGN forums. You can read the post below.

Date Posted: Friday at 11:06 PM #1
As some of you already know some ps4 are assembled by Foxconn in Yantai China by intern students.


On Aug. 28th, one of the student started a thread stating that “Since foxconn are not treating us well, we will not treat ps4 console well. The ps4 console we assemble can be turned on at best”. This thread has been deleted but got snapshot.

If your ps4 console was manufactured in Yantai China, then I wish you good luck.

Then, more posts began to pop up… One mentioning the possibility of consoles being shipped not fully assembled, or the operating system not being fully installed.

Foxconn reportedly forced students in “Northern Information Engineering College” to complete an internship which consisted of assembling the Playstation 4. After researching these claims, and have collected some of the worst…

  1. Transportation from the college to the assembling factory is said to be 24 hours by train.
  2. Few if any interns had assembly related majors. Yet were forced into assembly based internship.
  3. Internship pays $16 for two months.
  4. If a student can pay $3,000 they do not have to complete the internship.

Sources :






This is a pretty crazy story, and we will be looking into it as much as we can to try and gain a better understanding of what exactly is happening. Please let us know what if anything you have heard.


– EDIT –

Another comment found regarding the situation translated:

If the system is broken, don’t blame us students. When we were studying, they shipped in 20,000 migrant workers from Guizhou. On top of that, there were also many Yantai local students and long-time Foxconn workers at the factories. The people that made the news were us Xi’an Technological University North Institute students. We’re not even 1/10 of the workers at Foxconn. So don’t blame the issue on us Chinese students, and don’t talk about Foxconn on this board. You have no idea how hard it was to work in the factories as a recent high school graduate. Feel free to ask questions about the PS4 but not about Foxconn. Those with dirty mouths aren’t welcome.

If you have a problem, go find quality control. We were only in charge of manufacturing. 🙂

Just remember, for now it is all just a rumor.



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