Fix For Most Annoying PS4 Feature


The DualShock 4 Controller that Sony released alongside its next gen PlayStation 4 is a pretty awesome controller. It takes all we loved from the previous gen DualShock 3 controller and it adds a touchpad, sharing button, and a nice little light bar that is used as an indicator to relay game information in real time. While the light bar can be really useful for some, it can be really annoying for others. Sony has said and we have written that they do not plan to dim the light bar in the future; so an eBay merchant took advantage of this, his name is “knrgrafix”, they have come up with a brilliant solution to this problem.

The 3 pack case is available for $3.30, the seller has made a perfect shape decal that stick on the DualShock 4 Controller’s light bar. While they don’t completely block out the light cast by the controller, they instead reduce the light by only letting the light shine through a cutout shape in the sticker, the 3 shapes are the Sony logo, PS4 logo, and the PS logo. Each pack includes 3 stickers of the same selection. The result of using this results in a far less annoying light bar on the controller and for just $3.30 it is definitely worth trying even if you don’t like it in the end.



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