Where to find a PS4 on December 8th


There have been a lot of rumors lately that Best Buy would have a limited supply of Playstation 4 consoles available on December 8th.

After calling to verify I can assure you this is true in at least some areas, my advice is for you to call your local Best Buy and confirm for yourself if they are taking part in the sales. Of the Best Buy locations that we called, we either reached a representative or a pre recorded message that stated:

On December 8th, Sunday there will be limited quantities of the PS4 and Xbox One gaming console. Best Buy will be handing out tickets to confirm your ability to purchase a console before the store opens, but did not state an exact time that the tickets will be distributed.

It also appears that there will be a limited number of Playstation 4 gaming consoles available at various Toy’s R Us locations. If you do visit a Toy’s r Us be sure to check out the printed ad for specials available at the front of the store. Just recently they had a 30% off game accessories, and I believe they are still offering a good deal on the charging dock. Check out the flyer, there is always something interesting.

There are also several people reporting that there will be Playstation 4 consoles available at Walmart. This is also a case by case basis and you should, like with all stores, call your local one first. Many Walmarts will be distributing their consoles at midnight, some much later, which makes it even more important for you to call and get a game plan for your local stores.

Check out Who Has It, an alert site that states several of the online retailers who may have an available PS4 for more opportunities, and good luck!



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