Final Fantasy XIV on the PlayStation 4 is Just a Start for Naoki Yoshida

Final Fantasy XIV on the PlayStation 4 is Just a Start for Naoki Yoshida

Naoki Yoshida says, “The dev team is working really hard, working without sleep, but we are smoothly progressing,” this is why he looks so tired.

Him and his team have spent a few years rebuilding eh disastrous MMO built by Square Enix, Final Fantasy 14. They successfully relaunched the game as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn last year, it was a completely better game. Since then they have been working on putting out new content for the game and working on a PS4 version of the game.

“We had a very challenging time trying to relaunch Final Fantasy 14,” Yoshida says, “and we don’t want to forget the struggles we went through.”

Yoshida spoke of the 1.8 million players around the world and the 6.7 million characters created on the game, over 400 million hours played on the game. He says with certainty it is “the largest MMO released out of Japan.””

Where we really get amazed about Yoshida’s work is when he speaks of actual content on the game. The dev team has released one major content update so far for Final Fantasy 14 and the second is coming soon.

These updates are supposed to be massive too, the first included a new PVP system and new houses and end game dungeons, there will be added hard modes to existing content and much more. The second update which is supposed to launch in March before the PS4 version is released, will add a new end game boss fight, a new dungeon and many other surprises.

“We plan to incorporate a lot of content with all future patches, Yoshida says. It’s part of his plan to stay relevant as the series continues moving forward. “I’m sure there will be a Final Fantasy 15 and 16, but we will constantly try to bring in fresh, new material for Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn.”

As the game keeps growing Yoshida says he wants to keep expanding the game around the world. The game is currently available in English, Japanese, French and German; but Square Enix is currently working on expanding the game to more languages and different regions. Most notably China, where the game is supposed to launch sometime this summer. After that he will be looking into launching the game in South Korea, Russia, Taiwan and the Middle East.

And of course if we have forgotten, they will also be expanding the game to a new console: The PlayStation 4.

Final Fantasy 14 will also work via remote play on the PlayStation Vita. The interface will be a little tiny and difficult to read but you will be able to scale up whenever necessary. It will not be recommended to use the Vita during intense raids or boss fights but for easy stuff like crafting and mining, definitely.

Final Fantasy XIV on the PlayStation 4 is Just a Start for Naoki Yoshida

“The feeling hasn’t settled in yet that I’ve actually accomplished something,” he admits. “We’re still constantly developing patches and upgrades that we feel are very important. We’re still going full throttle. I’m not sure I’ll get the realization that this has actually launched until maybe the first expansion.”

An expansion, he says, that will have “the [same] amount of content released with the relaunch.”

“If this was Rocky, and I was in a fighting match, once I knock out the opponent, I could cheer. But that’s not really the case for an MMO. We’ve got to keep going.”



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