Evolve Announce for PS4 with Release Set for Fall

Evolve Announce for PS4 with Release Set for Fall

A long, long time ago, we humans would get together and grab some sharp and pointy sticks we could find so we could go hunting. Not only would this provide food for our tribe but also because it was the only entertainment we had, aside from throwing rocks at some wild animals and seeing who could run the fastest.

The studio who brought us the Left 4 Dead series is following up its zombie apocalypse game with Evolve, a shooter in which you and 3 of your friends team up to take down a colossal alien beast. In this game you will play as a space faring hunter in the distant future, with your goal not being to provide for your people this time around but to survive the terrible threat on humanity. The alien beast is so dangerous that he can breathe destruction.

If you Pre-Order the game now you will get to Monster Expansion Pack for free, which will give the goliath a new skin and it also grants access to a second playable monster when it is released. This monster will have different abilities than the other, much like the design of the different human classes.

Evolve confirmed the use of AI controlled monsters in the game also via Twitter:


@NickPuleo If you *don’t* want to track, trap and kill your friends – you can inflict that on AI-controlled monsters, too.

— Evolve (@EvolveGame) January 8, 2014




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