Energy Hook Confirmed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita

Energy Hook Confirmed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita

This game is developed by Happion Laboratories, the game did capture some interest from gamers. It is a Spiderman like game from Jamie Fristrom who is the creator of the Spiderman 2 video game.

When Energy Hook was first developed it was for the Xbox One and PC, but Sony confirmed that Energy Hook will also find its way to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

“So, what’s Energy Hook?” Fristrom writes on the PlayStation Blog. “Well, imagine a 3D swinging game like Spider-Man 2 had a love child with ‘points-for-style’ game SSX. You swing from rooftop to rooftop, pull off mid-air tricks, run along walls, and rack up points and energy for doing it. Because: it’s the future. And that’s what the extreme sports of the future look like. You have gravity beams and gravity boots and jetpacks and can do awesome stuff.”

Fristrom also had a comment about Energy Hook for the PlayStation Vita:

“PS Vita is my favorite handheld. There’s no handheld like it. Nothing else comes with dual sticks, and Energy Hook wants those dual sticks! It’s a very expressive game that wants precision controls. A touchscreen is not enough. I daresay it’s going to be the first, decent, 3D swinging game to hit a handheld.”



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