All New Dying Light Trailer

All New Dying Light Trailer

Zombies are still around, but who were there before the zombies came? Ever sit down and think about that? In the all new Dying Light trailer from Techland you might understand how it all begun a little better.

Sure it is just a promo for Dying Light from our friends from across the pond. If you haven’t heard about the game just yet, it is a game that looks very promising, it will be an open world apocalyptic setting with a realistic day and night cycle.

When night comes all hell breaks loose in the game and the zombies gets a little bit more aggressive. Maybe that’s why they picked the name Dying Light.

From what we’ve seen of the game so far it seems like it will feature classic zombie action with different types of special zombies that will keep gamers on their toes. You will not only use weapons to keep yourself safe but you can also use your Night Sense to help avoid a fight, because in reality there is no way to win against a horde of undead.

We will release more Dying Light information as soon as we get it, here is the video from Techland:



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