DriveClub for Playstation 4


The first driving game for the Playstation 4 is coming from Evolution Studios.

Driveclub for the PS4 is a first person racing game that is centered around amazing graphics, world class cars and unsurpassed locations.

Driveclub allows players to set up races through multiple devices, creating an access to a game that has never before been accomplished.

“It’s all about team-based racing”

Driveclub is likely to be released at or around the 2013 holiday season.



DriveClub for Playstation 4 features the most realistic graphics we have seen in any racing game, ever.

The texture of the leather has a realistic look, each of the fiber strand within the carbon fiber has been individually illustrated, every individual piece of every car has been meticulously created and displayed to show the  capabilities of the Playstation 4 and the beauty of both the car you are driving as well as the amazing scenery.

With the ability to take part in team races, auto share video clips, and chat with other members of your club, this is an amazing game and certainly worth the pre order. Hopefully it will be part of one of the PS4 pre order bundles.

Visit Playstation 4 Games for more game information.

Check out the trailer for Drive Club here:



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