Drive Club Trailers


On February 20, 2013, Evolution Studios in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment announced a new game for the PlayStation 4 next-gen consoleDrive Club! The gameplay reveal trailer showcased amazing graphics, fast moving vehicles, and a very in-depth dashboard for the cars.

Drive Club is a first-person driving simulation game that goes above and beyond the traditional driving game by making it more social, more interactive, and more interesting! This new game will take advantage of the great new PlayStation 4 social features and sharing button with ease.

For instance, this new game will allow users to join driving clubs together and compete as a group in competitions. Players will also be able to create their own driving challenges with different criteria and skill levels and then compete against one another in those special challenges.

Click here to check out screenshots for Drive Club

This is the PS4 Reveal Trailer from February 20, 2013:

Check out the gameplay trailer for Drive Club:



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