Dragon Age III: Inquisition for PlayStation 4


It appears Dragon Age III: Inquisition game has come to assume its rightful reign as an awesome game on the brand new PlayStation 4 next-generation console this 2013 season!

Get ready for a visual feast of the new Frostbite 2 engine with Dragon Age III. In the past, BioWare’s Neil Thompson opened up that the game artists were dissatisfied with their visions’ realization using BioWare’s Eclipse engine.  With the emergence of Frostbite on the scene, time seems ripe for remarkable visuals. Dragon Age III: Inquisition, which has been in development since 2010 and has been authenticated by Mark Darrah, the executive producer, has been confirmed to utilize Frostbite 2 engine from DICE.

Similar to the features of its precursor, Dragon Age III will be set in Thedas and will feature fresh protagonist. While Dragon Age: Origins was situated in Ferelden and Dragon Age II situated in Kirkwall and the Free Marches,  the adventure will take place in the land of Orlais.

dragon_age_iii_inquisition (7)The game will continue the setting of Dragon Age II and the novel Dragon Age: Asunder with incorporation of the magic of Thedas and Seekers of Truth, culminating into breakage of the Templar Order from The Chantry and final battle among them.

One thing that must be noted is that in BioWare’s panel at Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo in 2012, the creative director maintains that the customization will be greater than that of Dragon Age: Origins but will include “follower customization.”

Dragon Age 3 producer Cameron Lee tweeted, “Backgrounds will be in DA3 even though you will be human. It’s not playable but it does significant impact on the story.”

BioWare producer Cameron Lee also  wrote, “Jon Perry said he’s had a longer pre-production on DA3 than any other BioWare project he’s worked on.”

dragon_age_iii_inquisition (3)Even though Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 were handled by BioWare’ Eclipse engine which has proven incapable of generating product that will stand the test of time, Inquisition is in the hand of Frostbite 2 engine and will come off well with powerful visuals.

BioWare’s Neil Thompson affirmed the above with the following statement: “There was a pre-production period where almost on a weekly basis I’d be sitting in the environment reviews and being blown away by what was coming out – it looks stunningly beautiful. So I think when we do start releasing screenshots, people won’t be disappointed.”

There is assurance from the “powers that be” when it concerns Dragon Age III: Inquisition Game for PlayStation 4 that so much has been inputted into the game production to ensure that the game stands the test of time using the subdued color palettes of fantasy game. Not much is known about this game; however, hope is high that it will be heading to next-gen consoles about the 2013 release.

Check back for more information as it becomes available!



  1. Dragon Age III: Inquisition has been confirmed for the PlayStation 4, but an exact release date is not yet known. Did you enjoy Dragon Age II?


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