Don’t Starve Review


The motto Klei Entertainment of “Survive! Collect! Attack” goes a long way when playing the new indie game released on the PS4, Don’t Starve. The game was a hit on PC last year and it was released as a free title for PlayStation Plus users this month. It has been a game that has caused much conflict between gamers.

You will play as a gentleman scientist by the name of Wilson, and you will have to use everything in your surroundings to try and fight off seemingly inevitable death. When you die on this game its permanent, there are no extra lives or hand holding. Depending on how many days you survive in your session you will earn experience points which will be used to unlock new characters with new abilities. There are 3 different stages of the day, which are light, dusk and night, each with their own unique challenges.

Repetition is the name of the game in this worth, once you get in your game, you’ll have to forage through the world and salvage what you can to try and survive the nightfall. After you do this for about 15 days you start to make a little more headway as you are salvaging not only to survive but the prosper. The core goals are to maintain your health, food intake and sanity to prosper here. If you fail to keep up with either of the first two you will die and if you become insane you will start to see monsters, who usually appear at night, in the day time also.

Hitting the L2 button will bring up a screen that gives you upgrade details for your weaponry, tools and fortifying structures. The right stick is for cycling through the inventory and alternating between the two, tapping x repeatedly will harvest landscape, which will take up a lot of your time at the beginning. The best part of the menu is the science portion which allows you to research and make advances in your crafting selection. Once you make the first prototype of a tool it then becomes available for creation throughout the world. The science machines are tiered, the hire the level the more you will be able to make with it.

The game also changes seasons along the way so don’t get used of the controls and think you’ve mastered it because as soon as you do the season will change and you will have to start from scratch once again.

One good thing with the game is when it was released it was released with all of the updates they had already released on the PC version of the game. The untailored mode leads to more memorable moments which I’ll leave you to find out in the game for yourself.

Don’t Starve will be a pain to start out because of the repetition, but once you get about two season into a session you will start to enjoy the finer parts of the game and the experience should be very fun. I give the game a thumbs up and if you have PlayStation Plus you should go out and download it and try it for yourself.


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