DiRT 4 Details Teased

DiRT 4 Details Teased

There is a fourth installment of Codemaster’s popular series DiRT due, and the publisher has started to tease it. They promise that it will return the series’ Colin McRae rallying roots.

The Chief Game Designer of the series, Paul Coleman has promised that the game can and will be more rally oriented, he also added that there will be a possibility of longer point to point courses. He said also that the game will be coming to the PlayStation 4 along with the PlayStation 3.

Codemasters have not yet officially announced DiRT 4 but they have promised that gamers should focus on their 2014 lineup rather than just DiRT 4. Which suggests that Codemasters has more than just DiRT 4 planned, maybe we will see the return of GRID or something of the sorts.



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