Developer of escapeVektor gets PlayStation 4 Developer Approval


Nnooo, the developer of escapeVektor for PS Vita have been approved as a PlayStation 4 Developer for the PlayStation 4 next-gen console, the most powerful gaming console yet on the market. The developer has not yet revealed any information about the titles they would be working on for the PS4. They would also be making games for Sony’s PlayStation Vita.

According to Nic Watt, the Creative Director, the team is excited about getting the chance to develop for the next-generation consoles. This has given them early access to the PlayStation 4 development kits, which means they would be able to put their game on the powerful console without any long wait.

He further clarified that the development team is in the early stages of developing their new game. They would be releasing more information only when the project reaches an advanced level. He also gave a specific time – mid-year, when they would be able to release any information about the new game.

Interestingly, the PS4 approval has put the team into action and they are looking to expand their current strength with new experienced professionals in art/animation and programming. According to leaked reports, the game could also make its way to one of the other competing platforms.

Nnooo Game DeveloperNnooo was given the go ahead by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. PlayStation 4 is going to be the second console in the PlayStation series for which Nnooo would be developing a game. its first game in this list, escapeVektor was released on PlayStation Vita some time ago. The game was a critically acclaimed success.

Nnooo was established in 2006 by Nic Watt. The developer is also popular for its iPhone and WiiWare game, Pop. Nic Watt is a former leading game designer at EA at its London office. Other games developed by Nnooo include the myNotebook series, myDiary and Spirit Hunters Inc. series. Most of the work from the developer has been for Nintendo, but getting a chance to develop for the next big thing in the gaming world would certainly put this developer from Sydney on the world map.

escapeVektorThe PlayStation 4 has one of the most powerful PC Architectures out there so far and would be based on 8 x86-64 AMD Jaguar processor cores and a next-generation AMD RadeonGPU. It is expected to be a powerful PC-based system. Another stunning and never-before feature in this console is going to be the 8GB GDDR5 RAM that would help turn things into super-fast mode. Gamers would have a difficult time, for a long time, to find a game that could slow this console down.

It would also have the new PlayStation 4 Eye technology comprising of 2 highly-sensitive cameras that feature wide-angle lenses and wide-angle diagonal views. These cameras would have a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels would have the capability of cutting out a player’s image from the background.

Microsoft is all ready to give Sony a tough fight with its new Xbox 720 console. The specs of the competitor platform have not been revealed yet. So long, gamers would have to wait a little longer before they can see a PS4 title being released by Nnooo.



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