Developer Confirms: War Thunder – Free to Play for PS4!


In an interview with, Anton Yudintsev, a member of the development team at Gaijin Entertainment for  War Thunder, stated that “War Thunder will be free-to-play game for PS4!” This is great news for War Thunder fans! Players will be able to join the multiplayer game for free and play with one another across the PlayStation Network at no charge.

Another great fact about this new game, according to Yudintsev, was that “War Thunder is a perfect match for PS4 head tracking. It is simply much easier to control your vehicle (either plane or tank) and use head tracking to look around.”

Your vehicles will be much easier to control with the new PlayStation 4 head tracking system so that you can both control your vehicles and view the world around you with ease and smooth control – great news for anyone who wants to be able to control a vehicle and still have the freedom to look around.

war-thunder-screenshot (7)When asked if War Thunder will have any socializing tools, Yudintsev said that this was still a secret, but he did confirm that the game would have Facebook integration and players would be able to share personal achievements with Facebook and communicate with their Facebook friends within the game, making the game more social and interactive.

As for further information on the upcoming game, Yudintsev said it was not likely that War Thunder would have the PS Vita controls that PlayStation 4 was talking about during their February 20, 2013 meeting – i.e., you would not be able to play War Thunder on the PS Vita and would not be able to “walk away” with your game if you have to leave your console behind.

Check back with us as we keep an ear out for more developments and information about the free-to-play War Thunder on PlayStation 4!

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