Details Surface For The PlayStation 4 Controller


244985-ibb-610x364The rumor over the true surface details of PlayStation 4 controller may now be laid to rest, but many gamers are curious about what sense of ease and sensibility the new feature would add to the industry. With several publications and reports hinting on what may likely be Sony’s next set-top box; many gamers are intrigued by the perceived details of PS4 controller. By now you must have seen the surface picture of the PS4 controller released by Destructoid. In case you have no insight into what it looks like, here are some of the details that may interest you.

I was particular fascinated by the touchpad-equipped prototype of Sony’s next system. One of the prominent features of the PS4 controller is the centralized touchpad. There was a panel above the touch pad, serving as light up feature which Digital Foundry considered as a key attribute that would give the PlayStation 4 controller motion sensing capacities.

One thing I noticed about the PS4 controller is the general shape of the pad which looks weighty, but appears to have the same shape as DualShock 3 which is noticeable in PS3. A details look will show that there is a speaker embedded at the centre, a little beneath the touchpad as well as a headset jack below. Also obvious is the double analog sticks with new contoured top and a little lip at the edge contrary to DualShocks’ smoother mushroom top.

Despite all these new tweaks, Sony still keeps the conventional X,O, Triangle and square buttons and the D-Pad. I have a concern over the placement of Select/Start buttons at the top right of the controller and it seems the gamer may have to reach far before he accesses the Select button.

ps4controllerAbove is a possible picture of the PlayStation 4 controller, although it is said this may be one of the prototypes, and not the finished product.

I have no other option than to look forward to enjoying my favorite game with the features of the new PS4 controller. I only hope that touchpad will boots spirits of most gamers to enjoy their favorite games. Whether all these new features are of ulterior motive, I leave the rest to all gamers to figure out when the controller circulates, but I hope the touch pad would be a real touch that would add great sensibility to gaming.




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