Daylight has a Built in PlayStation 4 Twitch Chat Interaction that will Scare Streamers Senseless


A spooky game by the name of Daylight was announced for PlayStation 4 and PC last year at E3. Now the game’s developers have announced that the soon to be released horror game will have a Twitch interaction on the PS4 which will allow viewers to type certain terms and have the game react.

The feature for this version of the game will allow viewers of streams to type a phrase for example “meow” and the game will react to it is creepy ways. The streaming feature will be timed to prevent people from spamming and players having to experiment to discover the full list of keywords on their own.

“Streaming has been a huge boon to the PS4 community, and the devs want Daylight to have an involved relationship with livestreams,” social media wizard Ryan Clements wrote in the PS Blog. “The hope is to allow viewers to control the actual scares in a streamer’s experience, providing a much more interactive dynamic between player and audience.”

The plot of Daylight revolves around a character who finds themselves in lost in locales with a lot of the game light being provided by just an in game cell phone. The game also features great scares that are “procedurally generated.” Which means that every time a gamer plays through the reactions will respond differently to their actions.



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