Cross Platform Play Between PS3 and PS4 is Unlikely

Cross Platform Play Between PS3 and PS4 is Unlikely

Here is some good news from 4J Studios, patch 1.02 for Minecraft: PS3 Edition is already resting and it is expected to fix some of the problems that have been occurring since its release this includes the group chat problem that when the audio drops after someone leaves the chat.

Now here is the bad news, atleast for some who might have been hoping it would work.  Owen Hill of Mojang was asked, “I’m going to be buying this as my nephew’s Christmas present, but… once the PS4 version comes out and I buy it for myself, will I be able to play in the same game as him or is the online single platform?” His Response was: They will be different games, with different world sizes so this is unlikely, sorry.

Owen said afterwards, “We don’t know about Cross Buy etc. yet, sorry,” so we’ll just have to wait before finding out if Cross Buy is happening in any capacity. We may not be waiting for long though, as Hill did say of the PS4 Edition’s release date, “No word on the PS4 version yet. You’ll hear more about it early next year.”

If you do have Minecraft: PS3 Edition, the Festive Skin pack has been released and it costs $.99.



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