Converting from Xbox 360 to PS4


It isn’t uncommon in the gaming world for gamers to hop from one system to another, and then back to the system they originally started with. Even diehard fans that live by a consoles name have sucked up their pride and switched to the likeable console of the generation, simply because it’s better, more affordable, or more popular. Whatever the reason, making the switch from the Xbox to the PlayStation has its pros and cons, mostly in the forms of opinions dependent on the gamer. However, there are obvious differences that many gamers wanting to make the big switch should be aware of.

The last generation of PlayStation gaming gave us the opportunity to game online freely, while its competitor, the Xbox, charged gamers a monthly fee to game online. Although, this time around the PS4 seems to be taking the same route, as you are no longer able to play online for free and too will have to pay a monthly fee to access online multiplayer features. So if you were looking to duke it out online with no hits to your pocket, think again. The PS3 servers might be more suitable for your frugal ways.

Amongst other noticeable differences, players should be expected to say goodbye to aspects such as customizable avatars, whereas PlayStation uses a selection of pre-loaded avatars. Expect a different online experience, along with many exclusive titles that will be missing which are only available for the Xbox players. However, with the bad, comes the good.

Switching over to the PS4 from the 360 of course comes with its upgrades, more noticeable, Better processing and graphic power with the PS4 up scaling to 1080p, the PS4 also holds a built in Wi-Fi connection so that players no longer need to hook up any cables. Motion controls and touch pads are included on the PS4 controller, giving players a more dynamic and exciting experience, while the console itself is overall more slim and appealing to the eyes. Features exclusive to the PS4 include the ability to stream your live gameplay directly to twitch opening up a jar of endless live streaming possibilities. Owners of the PSP Vita can now link their device to the PS4 for remote play, an exciting new feature special to the PS4.

Overall, no matter the console you’re making a switch to, changes are to be expected, from prices, to specs, game play and everything in between. So will you be making the PS4 switch this gen?



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