How much did consoles cost in 2013 dollars


Created by to Auir2blaze show off the differences in prices of consoles throughout the years. Starting with the 1977 Atari 2600 and going all the way to the current generation of consoles I found this graphic to be interesting in pointing out that the cost of consoles really has not increased over the last 35 years or so… god I’m old.

Several of these consoles had short or nearly non existent lives, but all of them have contributed in their own way to the gaming environment of today. A few were instant classics and you would be hard pressed to find anyone any where who could not recognize¬† a Nintendo NES or someone who had not heard of the Atari consoles. Some were amazingly expensive for their time period… such as the 1990 NeoGeo gaming console that would cost a staggering 1125 dollars today.

Everyone has their favorite early console, which was yours?



Well take a look for yourself and see what you think.



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