Console Wars Comic – Tim Buckley


One of the best PS4 comic strips I have come across… it is pretty long but well worth the read. Found this on Imgur and as soon as I did I knew it belonged here and where all PS4 gamers could appreciate it.

If you want to see more great comics (many game related) check our Cad Comic

Just like in real life it is clear who the dominate party in this console war is.

(Click comics to view larger version)

consolewar-1consolewar-13 consolewar-14 consolewar-15 consolewar-16 consolewar-17 consolewar-2 consolewar-3 consolewar-4 consolewar-5 consolewar-6 consolewar-7 consolewar-8 consolewar-9 consolewar-10 consolewar-11 consolewar-12

And really guys, we can not express enough… Go visit Cad Comic and be amazed by game related comics, that are actually funny.

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