Console Comparisons – XBox and PlayStation

XBox and PlayStation Console Comparison

This image is very interesting as it shows a side by side comparison of the PlayStation 3, the XBox 360, the XBox One, and the PlayStation 4.

The progression of the consoles makes a few things stand out as key.

Sony appears to have been working on making their console smaller, sleeker, and more streamlined. It still has the dark coloration but it does not have the classic red blue and yellow logo on it – instead it just says “Sony” and “PS4”. A few small plugs are all that’s on the front of this console, which is clearly designed to be unobtrusive and easy on the eyes.

Microsoft went in an entirely different direction for them. They abandoned the bright white coloration of the XBox 360 and went for a black console instead. They also changed the shape – instead of having a slight curve to the console’s edges, it has straight edges and is shaped more like a box.  It is also larger and there is no more “circle” on the front – just a simple white and black XBox logo and a spot for a disc to slide in.

In comparing these consoles, it’s clear that Sony went for a smaller, sleeker and less obtrusive console while XBox went for a larger, boxier, and darker console.

Which one do you prefer?

XBox and PlayStation Console Comparison



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