Comparison of Sony PlayStation 1 and Sony PlayStation 4


Sony has already revealed the specs of PlayStation 4, its next-generation gaming console. It is the most powerful game console to date and comparing it with PlayStation 1 can reveal a world of a differences. In fact, the PS4 is compared to a high-end PC in terms of its hardware configuration and performance.

The PlayStation 1 or PlayStation has a CPU with a clock speed of 33 MHz. It was powered by MIPS R3000A processor. On the other hand, PlayStation 4 has an 8-core x86-64 bit Jaguar CPU developed by AMD. It has a clock speed of 2 GHz compared to PlayStation 1’s 33 MHz.

The PlayStation 1 had just 3.5 MB of RAM supported by a cache of 1 KB, which is negligible by today’s standards. Sony has provided its next-generation console with 8GB unified GDDR5 RAM that can deliver a peak performance of 176 GB/s. these two major differences simply leave out any scope for a comparison between PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 4.

US-SONY-PLAY STATION 4The PS 1 had a display screen with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and could display 16.7 million colors. It had a controller that had 8 buttons and the D-pad. The Dual Shock controller was introduced for the first time in PS, with 2 dual analog sticks. The Dual Shock 4 in PS4 is an entirely different story.

The Dual Shock 4 controller in the PlayStation 4 has a touch screen and a light bar on the rear side. This light bar is helpful in the identification of players. The controller also contains a headphone jack, which is expected to be used for voice chat in multiplayer mode. It has a 3D camera that is part of the light bar system for player identification.

Dual Shock 4The PlayStation 1 had a huge number of third party support, especially the reputed Squaresoft. Some of the most popular and biggest titles on the PS 1 were Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, Silent Hill and Dino Crisis. PlayStation 4 is awaiting release and many of the titles played on the PS 1 are waiting to be released or played on the PlayStation 4.

Social was not at a level that it is today, and it has made a huge difference between PS1 and PS4. The PlayStation 4 comes with the feature of video sharing, which was not present in the case of the PS1.

The PS4 allows you to stream videos from your games when you are playing. In addition, you can also view games with your friends over the PS Network. This would make the entire system more social and connected. More interestingly, you could share screenshots and videos from your games on Facebook and other social platforms. If you are playing a great game and want to share it with your friends, PS4 makes it possible.

In addition, the PS4 goes several steps ahead of the PS1 by allowing you to control your friends’ games remotely. This feature can come handy when you want to help your friends get through a difficult situation. These are just a few of the major differences between Sony’s PS1 and PS4.



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