Call of Duty: Screenshots


Back on February 7, 2013, it was confirmed that a new Call of Duty game was in the works. However, it wasn’t officially announced until May 21st, during the XBox One Reveal, that this newest incarnation in the Call of Duty series is Call of Duty: Ghosts!

As the tenth game in the series, this new game is designed to be the start of a new “subseries” – such as how Modern Warfare was the start of a subseries. It was developed by Infinity Ward, Neversoft, and Raven Software, and is set in a world about 10 years after a mass event has caused severe and absolute devastation – destroying even the United States of America so that it is no longer a superpower and its economy and government are in ashes.

In this truly devastated world, a team of former Special Operations Forces, known as the Ghosts, will be fighting for survival against a new technologically-superior global power.

From the released information so far, this new game will have amazing graphics, a wide range of customization options, and ways to activate environmental hazards – and the ability to discover hidden sub-missions simply by exploring and expanding on the campaign’s storyline.

Currently, this game is set for release on November 5th, 2013, on the PlayStation 4 next-gen console, XBox One, XBox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and the PC

Check out some screenshots for this new Call of Duty: Ghosts:



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