A Broken Playstation 4… a story from reddit


I have recently come across an interesting story on Reddit about a users experience (XENclam) with his broken Playstation 4 and what the user did about it.

I wanted to pass on my brief situation with my PS4 in the hopes that it may help those out there who are still dealing with this.

What happened:

I received my system on the 15th from Amazon via UPS. I chose to pick up the system at the UPS facility rather than wait the entire day to receive it. There was no visible damage to the box that it was packaged in but upon returning home I did notice that my PS4 was packed in the same way as many others. The PS4 box was on the bottom and a ton of bubble wrap was left sitting on top.

I performed a thorough inspection of the machine upon removing it from the box. The HDMI port was checked over for damage and it, nor the rest of the system, had any signs of physical damage. I plugged in the system and had a perfect start-up boot into version 1.00. I chose to install the 300MB patch provided by Sony’s website and followed the instructions to the T. Upon reboot, the system crashed and I was left with the BLoD. This is characterized by a pulsing blue light on top and no signal to the TV.

I was determined not to let my PS4 be the system that fails. I immediately began the recovery process detailed by Sony. This time I had to remove the HDD to boot into safe mode. I re-installed the HDD before restarting into safe mode again and installed the 800MB version of the patch which included the files for a full system re-installation. This worked great! … Or at least I thought… The system booted up, ran silent, looked amazing… The works. I then had friends over and we played until around 3AM on Saturday morning.

Before going to bed I placed the system on Standby. At this time I noticed the bar turn red for a couple of minutes before shutting down. I placed my hand on the system to make sure it wasn’t hot. It felt fine and I proceeded to bed. In the morning I woke up and wanted to play some music off of Music Unlimited while I did some cleaning. This is where the fun began. I hit the power button and the light bar turned to a pulsing blue again with no signal to the tv. I immediately went to the safe mode procedure again and reset the console to default settings. The console booted up again and I got into the XMB and even fired up BF4 before the system suddenly beeped 3 times and shut off. From this point on the only thing I could get out of it was the BLoD.

I have contacted both Amazon and Sony. This is what you can expect from them at this time:

Amazon issued me a partial refund of $84 dollars and apologized for the failure. They also detailed that at this time they couldn’t exchange the product as they were completely out of stock and would be for some time.

Getting through to Sony will be a bit more annoying. I had to call them twice and both times took two hours just to talk to a support team member. I did try the online chat and this kicked me out of the Que roughly 6 times before I gave up on that option. The only thing they have done for me at this time is set up a repair/replace ticket and are sending me a box. They stated that the box will take 3 to 5 business days to arrive at my place. Using this box I should then send back the console by itself (no controller or cables) along with a piece of paper containing my ticket number and details of the system’s issue. Upon receiving my PS4 they will get to it within 1 to 2 days and begin diagnosing and repairing/replacing the PS4. The PS4 will then be returned to me within 7 to 14 days of receiving it. I was warned that the process may extend out to 4 weeks if necessary.

I appreciate if anyone has any further input on this situation, but at this time it seems that I’m stuck in a very frustrating waiting game. I would wish no one else has to go through this very annoying process with their “launch” PS4 but I wanted to make this post so everyone could be aware of what they are getting into.

Update : At the suggestion of a fellow redditor my SO and I took a road trip to the Philadelphia Sony Store to exchange our system. The team there asked some basic questions and exchanged the broken system for another without a hassle. They stated that a lot of their returns were from Taco Bell and Amazon orders. The one person mentioned an issue with Foxconn. I doubt they know what the source of the issues are. I just hope they get resolved. We’re on our way home to test it out.



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